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Somebody left this sticky note at my desk — yes, I do #Twitter.
Duking in out with my boss in the news room. #FightClub
Response: Sam Pepper’s Videos

Recently a famous YouTuber, Sam Pepper, posted a prank video online of him pinching girls bottoms. Many of the women are upset and confused as to why Sam is touching them. The video in his eyes was a joke. However, many people, including myself, did not see this video as a joke, but sexual harassment/assault. The girls in this video were not expecting to be touched, nor did they ask for it. It was a complete violation of their personal space. I am absolutely appalled that one would think this was funny enough to post on line, making these actions appear acceptable. The internet was outraged at this video. Ultimately YouTube took this video down, stating it violated their terms and policies. You would think this was the end of the story, but nope. Sam posted ANOTHER prank video a short time of the same thing. This time it was a girl pinching bottoms, not him. Clearly he is not taking this issue seriously, but sees it as something to be mocked. When you have 2.4 million subscribers, who are mainly young females, you should be setting a better example for the world. By posting this online, you are making it appear that these actions are okay — impressionable young girls are seeing you doing these pranks — what if they begin to think it is okay for people to touch them that way without their permission? These young girls idolize YouTubers. They are still discovering themselves in this world - and now are given a reason to let someone take advantage of them, because Sam Pepper said it is okay. Or how about the males watching this video? It is showing them that it is “cool” to touch females in that way. There are boys/men who want to be just like Sam Pepper — what are the impressions they are going to take away from this video? There are comments from Sam Pepper’s fan standing up for him — saying his actions are okay, because “he is famous.” Famous or not, sexual assault is never a joke. I would like to think the outrage on these recent videos would teach Sam a lesson, but I highly doubt it. This is not the first time he has violated others publicly. He has created other videos such as; “How to Make out with Strangers,” “How to Pick up Girls with a Lasso,” “How to Steal Girlfriends” and more that have visibly forcible actions in them. As someone who as been sexually assaulted, I am absolutely enraged. The bodies of others are not to be used for amusement, sexual enjoyment, or anything of the sorts without consent. While to some it may seem like harmless fun, it is not. Sexual assault/harassment is emotionally and physically damaging. Can you imagine how these girls feel? Their violations have been broadcasted all over the internet. 

Tonight “Forever” premieres on ABC. I was lucky to see some of the filming when I was in #NYC a couple of weeks ago!
I’m sharing it, not to worry. Happy National Ice Cream Cone Day!
I NEED the Renee Dress - Swan Lake from #EvaFranco. It reminds me of a fairy princess. @zooeydeschanel wore it last night on #NewGirl and I’m in love.
Pink bath bomb goodness. Love @lushcosmetics ❤️
The best entertainment at the fair? Watching Patrick and Mike try to conquer the water balls.
I will #NeverForget the events of #September11 — being a confused child and not understanding who would do such an awful thing to so many innocent people. May the lives lost never be forgotten and may the heroes who served be honored. Today, let’s set aside our differences and come together as a strong nation who carries on in remembrance of a tragedy.